• a.p. duvall

A Wily Skeleton Once Fell in Love With A Tragic Face-Painter and The Beguiled-Cousin Bart . . .

I haven’t bled through my sheets yet

so the maid might have something to be thankful for

after she finds me here gutted

by my passive-aggressive knife and my lily-white hands

they be damned -- placing hope on the raw Oklahoma yoke

and crossing the teeth of the steel against my belly

quick and very real as par the terms of my

Devilish deal

probably be a few days till I’m found now

I placed the sign on the handle telling to her scurry

I bet the smell will get to the neighbors

unless this seedy dive is out of season

in which case I could be here for weeks!

I guess there are worse fates fetched

from the freezer of the disease keeper and fear feeder

-- Time -- who you all know well

I can hear children down at the pool unsupervised

sound like they’re having fun, maybe vacation

there’s a roach crawling across the ceiling

I left the sink running in the bathroom

. . . that was by accident

I can still taste the toothpaste from earlier

on my tongue and on the walls of my cheeks

I remember I had a teacher but

damn if I can remember the subject

anyways, I’m wondering about my impact

and if anyone feels it

cause lord knows this room is

pulling away from the noise

and the floors are cooling down

as this suit burns around my flesh

leave me leave me

loan me a halo

leaves fall slower then friends at your side

when the pressure gives up and luck cashes in its chips

and you’re left with the number 6

saying to each other you wish you had

a little bit more

then what you currently have

take a bath and forget the circumstance that hangs around your song

like the anchor of your words that confuse the melody with message

and the vessel with the vestige

before that gossamer of a thread you cling to in the day time

and the bank vault you sleep in at night crack

because I’m done with it all and

Out of the Blue it comes

Out of the Blood it heals

Out of the White it is

Out of the Flesh it feels

Out of the Mouth it reaches

Out of the Mind it's leaving

Out of the Hands it teaches

Out of the Shelter it leaves us

. . . Living


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