• a.p. duvall

Ain't Afraid

You may have only written

Some ten-cent novels

But you always knew I was

A faithful reader

I may have written

The holy bible

But I knew all the time

You weren’t a true believer

And I ain’t afraid

Of no falling rain

No mind of its own

don’t leave no stain

I ain’t afraid

You said love is a prison

Keeps you caged since birth You satisfied your hunger

While I died of thirst

Some say they have fire

We had ashes in our mouths

Some stand up for freedom

We went down for the count

And I ain’t afraid

Of no swinging blade

Got no will of its own

Don’t feel no shame

I ain’t afraid

Look at the damage

Look at the rot  

Look at the blood

And tell me what you've got

Storms were always crashin

Like blind cars on a dirty street

We should have been laughing

And pushing rivers to sea

But now no one does know you

And you know no one

And the world it does pull you

Like a trigger on the gun  

I ain’t afraid

Of what stays the same

Got no need turn

Or will to change

I ain’t afraid


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