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Another Obit

Updated: Oct 1

He was a man strong and resentful

the kind that swung an ax for fun

He could act like he gave a damn

But he never did

And never would

His name was full of woeful mercy

and it rang throughout this land

He stomped on rose gardens

and virgin's memories of

innocent laughter

He pleased them all -

a lick of the lips

Yes, I said it

His was a legend that was headstrong and right

Came in the morning left in the night

the scene brought screams and

bounty hunters

hired by fathers

Testing the wind, searching in high grass

looking for this rogue Adonis

who jumped the train he was riding

As it flew down where ever Mystery

done laid the track

He met God and was not impressed

The Little Man called onto him:

"My creation, I'm sending you on a quest."

"You do what you gotta do, and so will I."

He turned his back not waiting for a reply.

I knew this man as a friend, and a fiend.

For living life in the hurricane's eye

A man who could remember his birth

And see past the sky

That's right

A good friend of mine.


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