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Bart Cloves - Deceased. 56 years old.

It was the fifth of July and everyone sighed when you walked in  You couldn’t get it through your head,  A-Zed and you carried a spring from the broken bed  Singing to all that you adore  To the matches on the floor The paint chips off the door  To the way mother’s mouth keeps score  Songs about waxing moons and rain  Songs about wolves, crows and change  It was the morning of and no one was acting new  it was procedural and no one else noticed you You were bleeding on bank notes  Eating the letters that Pa wrote  dreaming of all that is rare The springtime in the air  The clown show at the fair  The way that you used to dare  Something tells you it’s clear  Something tells you it’s aware  But who among us,  your family or fantasies  Really understood the difference between  The ocean and the sea  Your want and your need  Your promise and your plea Your shoes and your feet Your ideas and your wings  The songs that you hear  And the ones that you sing  It was a winter month when your clock was punched  and your carriage had broken a wooden wheel It was all on my mind, it was all so unkind  and I remember when every song was a mystery and every laugh was something we’d have to steal  Returning to fields for some space  Returning my used and belated grace  Finding all that’s here turned to waste  Songs about locusts and scars   Songs about wherever you are   But back to July,  days 1, 2,3,4, and 5  we all spied,  all hid our faces and hands when daddy died  and you walked into the parlor with your broken bed and started your singing all over again.  Even the dirges you adored  The voice you ripped and tore   And those who tried to keep score  Songs about trash cans and alleyways Songs about laid plans and promised praise   But who among us, all of your fantasies  Really understood the difference between  The river and the stream Your defiance and your grief  Your magic and your sleeve Your tongue and your teeth  Your execution and your thief  The songs that you hear  And the ones that you sing  Sincerely,  me


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