• a.p. duvall

Black Cat Died in my Path

Thank God I'm not superstitious.

Come to me with your blank expression

I will follow you to your black intention

I'm calling out names of people

That you've never met

I'm bleeding, yes, I'm bleeding

Branded by your cigarette

Yes, I know that your mouth is hurting

Blood clot under mesh

tooth now returning

You're calling out names

Names I've never heard

I'm bleeding, yes, I'm bleeding

Caught up in your church

And I know and I know

that there's no feeling

on your knees there's no kneeling

Someone heard a rumor of your dirge

played before the Pope of No Return

You're dropping names now

Lust with no control

I'm seething, yes, I'm seething

My wrist tied to your soul

Come to me with you fake suspicions

Leave me alone with my true confessions

you're dropping hints now

Forever in the wake

I'm seeking and I keep believing

For you to just take and take

And I know and I know

That there's no feeling

On your knees there's no kneeling

You painted with black

you painted with red

you painted with light

you painted with intent

you spoke the work

you choked the dirt

you sanctified the hand

you marveled at your curse

Switch your voice now you know it's hurting

Wide awake now, witness it becoming

Be it doom or the rapture

but you're not worried

no you're not worried


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