• a.p. duvall

Black Night Burst Excuse (The)

The black night burst forth and the white sun was dwarfed

by constellations formed and regimented

by the riddle men who lucked out

when it came time to build the faces

of the immortal Opium farmers of

ancient China and the Afghani mules

It’s all true, and so we sang the blues

in the years that the gears spent grinding away

the mediocrity of the selfish indulgent limbs of trees

beg mercy

beg credence and deliverance

beg shallow hearts and ruptured lungs

beg uptown diner and blood thirsty gun.

Kill the rupture formed at the puncture

silence the sequence of insanity down the hallway

walking stalking

walking stalking

walking waiting

and yearning, no

I’m not going to mention the howling,

I’ll leave that for Billy the Kid who’s scribbling it all down in his journal

the eyewitness report from behind the keyhole

the functioning heart inside his mechanical chest

was the best

Doctor’s promise

nylon stockings ripped and thrown from flesh

Wet dream’s promise

Invade my seething dreams of lines in waiting

Of female voices meditating

Of blood in the lobes coagulating

Of dogs in the snow salivating

Of ghosts tied at the hip in threes

Give me these

Give me peace

Give me thoughtless sleep

It’s all true, and so I sang the blues

In the days of staple made bullet proof vests

Did the whistle sound like wave’s crests

Crashing in the sands of my once and future death.

It’s all true, and so we sing the blues.


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