• a.p. duvall

Bleach Cleanse and Sharp Gin

The whole world smells like bleach, burning wood 

and your unmatched reach. 

I’ve explained it all to you, 

what’s wrong and what’s the clue 

the mystery behind what it’ll teach is all so simple and clean 

and what have you 

Spread all your thoughts and disease, 

your radical politics and hypocrisy. I’ve explained it all to you, 

what’s wrong with your gallant fool, who to trust and 

what to prove when you’re feeling less than without a use 

Your mama’s on her last legs, 

her ceiling is washed and her kitchen is swept away. 

She explained it all to you, 

that you were born to lose, 

signals and languages you’d have to cut through 

with your magnetic sneeze and your eyes of blue 

You’re alone with your cards the King and the Ace, 

your tongue is Mercury and ironwood’s your face 

take the clock for granted and feel displaced 

feel the autumn and forget to scrub this stain from your favorite place 

You wrote a lot of letters of regret that weren’t so commonplace you’re a social outcast you’re one of the apes 

your cola is flat and your hair has spilled all over the space 

you reach behind you and feel your future disgrace

The whole world now tastes like ash, grime, and bleach 

you file in now and you take your seat 

out on the lake you wish it was a beach 

out in the sand you struggle to compete 

and inside your head now is the control you seek

The way things are going, 

they’re looking pretty grim 

backseat motivation and remedial grin, 

the way things are right now you just might burn all the wind 

suck in the cuss you cursed and bring it back in

You’re a digital baby learning more than I’ll know 

But my summers ended and my winters had snow 

I leave you with this wretch, this filth, this glimpse 

I’ll leave you a burned Eden and Golgotha Hill 

I’ll leave you hungry, sick, and crushed like a pill 

Sock veracity

Olda tan claudes


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