• a.p. duvall


he sneers the smiles of one thousand denials

all plain n' beguiled

his Irish-rose nose

bruised and wild

his black eyes

the same shade as the thoughts

of wet dreams

choking . . . now have praise!

has ruptured havoc and a victim's gaze!

child, where has it begun?

child, thou are not the bubblegum?

"Cheese a gut more than no-doze! She's a slut more than avocado! Jesus loves you, heel to toe! Beat the eat, haircut foreclosed...!"

and bang like that!

clenched throat

around shin bone of goat

good thing he wasn't alone

too bad it was with his family

and naturally they were all enemies

they were all cursed to know

the nature of all humans

his fate was locked

and stowed away

gasping . . . evening rain, evening rain

comes with death, and with death it came

so he owned his stillness and his bones turned to ash twist of fate thing of the past & his wife could not come up with a word to describe him when asked. as he burned a thought came she nearly blushed & gushed! "he who burns... what a cocksucker!"


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