• a.p. duvall

Dames Jean

Momma! MommaMomma!

Dijya hear?

James Dean awoke from his coma!

Yeah, he’s up there in Nova Scotia

Eating pears and fronting autographs

To the highest bidder.

You shoulda seen the scene

Everyone trying to catch a glimpse

And whores and pimps doing

Somersaults in the parking lots

Defying death like James Dean and his Stallion

The Little Bastid who skids out at

One-hundred and eleven.

Momma, you shoulda been there

The abundant sneers all coming from

Fans of Marilyn Monroe

And all the worshipers of

Elvis H. Christ all started gulping down

Bladeless cactus juice, just to do anything

To show they disapproved of this

Resurrection of a fool.

Dijay hear?

James Dean’s awake, and it looks to be a

Mighty good year.


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