• a.p. duvall

Ewe, No Nuts!

Just Stop It

turn off the thoughts that glow

somber tones with brandywine flow

red rose and figured black bones

sea foam and a safety cone

split concrete and the danger zone

passing on the right and deaf on the left

eyes no good for sight and no words to your lips

what's this?

just what the fuck

is this shit?

pay your bills crush your pills and roll your dollars

walk your dog and stroke your cat

put away the collars

hang up your coat and thaw some meat

the neighbors are all talking now

and we oughta burn down this street

one house at a time

one room next to mine

one finger on your pulse

one hand on the high voltage line


get tired

sandman's pitchin

you the catcher

take your sleep aid

like Heath Ledger

but i gotta go

i got better blood to chew

i got wetter deserts too

i got doses of giraffe flu

i got closest to bat stew

and the number twenty too

and after all

the fireworks are for them

and not for you.


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