• a.p. duvall

Forgotten In Blue

You revolve around the shadows on the floor behind closed doors

With arms spread out like a wild eagle from Indian lore

You kiss the places you missed fall laugh side split

Swallow some diamonds and get hit you ain't falling but you

Sure are tripping, and seeing

That forgotten shade of Blue

I had me a little dream after I took my medi-zine about feeding it to you

Then came a man making plans, selling land and the weather

I think I saw one cause I was high the other cause I was dry

I woke up feeling like a spy and found out by

An enemy who paints with

That forgotten shade of Blue

I know about your vision of art comes not from your soul

But another man's heart, Cheap like shopping cart

Got wheels but when it moves it rattles and tears apart

Serenity and creativity of the little man who cried out at the start

"Why are we sitting around waiting for

That forgotten shade of Blue"

Before you get the sickness blues make sure its what you choose

Get a fever from that cocaine sweat it out flush it down the drain

Remain in pain shine the light away just relax and enjoy the band

The time is close at hand to decide

Our understanding of

That forgotten shade of Blue

Be flexible to the news cause it might be yours or not even belong to you

Get back to the time of use and get loose who's to refuse

Mighty God you saw in space where you crawl and the devil in the door

Come on buy some more become rich become poor

And let's freak out to

That forgotten shade of Blue

When the lesson comes and your head is hung don't lean on me

Or fall to your knees just write a book and take a second look

Look at that I see your coming back now tell me was it really so bad

Listen to the modern man when he takes a stand

Nod your head and understand

That forgotten shade of Blue


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