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His Nose Knows No Endorphin Eatin' Dolphins, Yet.

Updated: Oct 1

He, He, He's got the face of a witch

It's some - some sort of glitch

I understand half

But I -

I don't know which

Trapped logic without notion

Locked out from all my friends

Feel good - commercial potion

Feel good - chemical sin

Cutest daughter not cruelest father

Cutest daughter and cruelest father

Whose brain was placed on a list

As a hammer without a fist?

You drink yours

I'll drink mine first

Ask the Holy man

Whose holes kept it together

Passion hit the floor

What's worse

In beautiful weather, you melt

Of course

Joke never spoke feels like ash in rain

Slipped pills, taste like lights and fame

You drink mine I'll inject yours

Hide it gone, close the clothes drawer

Apathy is not a way of life

It is just a way to live

I understand half

But I

I don’t know which

Doubt the mad-man

Not concoction made

Isolate the murderer

Breathe in your veins

Call for a future labeled

As something else true

Shake your tame name

If it means nothing to you

Tortured mind not to mind torture

Tortured mind blind to our torture

Check the hex on the fake guest list

As a hammer without a fist


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