• a.p. duvall

i can't see nothin

"Oh, Ruby, ya rube --

What in the hail didjya think he'd do?"

He talked sweet and found me stars

Walked with his hands chased down cars

That were parked under lighting bars

Loose change came with the hardest part

Which was the end and not the start

Feel a palpitating heart

I don't know either Socrates or Sarte

But I got a feeling we ain't too far

From feeling up each other in the park

Going to where he found the lion's food

And chatted with Jesus in the restroom too

Sang a little out of tune

"Oh, Ruby, what in the world is wrong with you?"

He was the best friend with a fountain pen

And lawyers on speed-dial in the other room

Giving adivce in a silver suit

Gave you sight and took it away too soon

Your last words were the only that were true

"If I only knew."

But I can't see nothing now

And nothing is the truth

A burned down barn looking like garden hoe

And the dried creek bed that won't flow

no more, and what for?

Burning gasoline up in the cinder trees

The pup's chickens are running wild free

They carry disease and they carry me

Off into the clogged mountain stream

Where the men put down their working blues

With shit in their pants and good luck too

Children ain't got business here

So take a breath and give a cheer

For this is all you were looking for


Writing down words that won't get spoke

Clutching hands through the smoke

That we made, in our graves

So, Ruby, what the fuck is wrong with you? 

I can't see nothing, baby

And nothing, baby, is the truth


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