• a.p. duvall

I Give A Hole

Uniform burns and razor thin worms

Crawl down in the cracks and eat dirt

Swallow it down like cheap work

And the sun on this side always hurts

Got my tubes tied up and clogged up the works

It's filled my whole cup

Filled it to the tilt and just gave it up

In Vino Veritas and flames to the rocks

We need new concepts and we need no cops

We need more cash and want less cost

Hellfire straight to freeze without the frost

All the pain and half the boss

All the gain and twice the loss

Somebody tell me who

took the wrong way and got lost

Somebody better be able to tell me who

Killed the beggar and gave the provoker

Just cause to choke her

Opened up the gutter and released the knower

The all-time bright-eyed glower in the bed of ticks

With the shakes of the hands and the

Arrhythmia of the quote un-quote ethics

Pull yourself up by the chin and calm the cowered

Take down the tower and flow like city water

Gild the lily and oil and lube the ocean

Find somebody in the hole that you're in

Pull yourself down and try to take cover

I got a feeling the sky's crumbling over

I'll give a hole to the rest of you

And my soul will go a lil' further

Blackout the lights like a city on Ambien

Hold out your hands and act like you came for it

Roll up your sleeves if you know where and when

True love is scarce so go on keep lookin

Don't stay with your feet just stay focused

Plague your dream like locusts

Steady your bombs and relax your trigger

If you need a minute then go figure

If you need a hope then here's a glimmer:

The sun doesn't always shine

But night always delivers

If you got a cold then go shiver

If you got a fever then come hither

If you got to crash then yell timber

If you got a drink give it to your liver

I give a hole to the rest of you

And my soul only goes a lil' further


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