• a.p. duvall

Last Living Anarchist

Say hello to the last living Anarchist

Say hello to the fast dealing switch

Straight and narrow strayed the arrow

and forever was he taught

a glass and mutable thought in a subterranean husk

mimicking what he once was broke

poor and sick and thick as lead

None of that matters

in case you thought it did.

Existential angst made me huff paint

And turned my morals in a bondage mask

As my cool ambitions began to suffocate

In Fortunato's damp and silent cask

The thought came like a blues song:

Slow and true

The thought came like the shakes:


both stomach n' hands

Overcoming your nature is an uphill battle

for veterans and starters alike

It'd be easy you know to say I’ll stay another day

but I just got my conscience weighed

I’m going off the reservation

I feel captured, you feel enraptured it’s not like I have a thing

I wouldn’t throw away

going off leaving nothing but an abrasion

Say goodbye to that tongue tied bitch

Say goodbye to the last loving Anarchist


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