• a.p. duvall

Snake in Sand

In sand I was just a desert snake

Coiled happiness and silver fangs

No ultimatum no raising of my hands

Trapped under the sun

and trapped above the land

You were just a walking crane

Tired of flying against the planes

Seeking shelter wherever you can

Under your wing or in the desert's hands

Come to me in the night once more

We'll leave your troubles on the desert floor

No need to take in consideration

That's been handled by secret agents

Leave me in mourning once again

Bring your father another bottle of gin

Burn the evidence proving any allegiance

That was always apart of the agreement

Take a stand against your memories

They suit you fine, but they don't fit me

This here army is without its guns

Use your compass and use your sons

Take a stand against the cross

Promise not to search for what is lost

Take this heart take the Virginian fog

Take it all take it all take it all take it all

Take it all take it all take it all take it all

Have we let things really go this far

Can we not call our children back

Night is silent as we prepare for war

Everybody is on the same track

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