• a.p. duvall

Stand By The Falls

My frostbitten tongue

Is swollen and stung

And the people here

Can’t live or love

There’s ice on the deck

There’s only minutes left

And the people here

Are seeing death

There’s only a song

And a horrible thrum

And the people here

Know that it’s begun

Let the water rise

Swallow your cries

The people here will

Not so slowly die

To hell with all of this

These pointless breaths

The people here have

Squandered all the rest

To get back to our home

We will never know

The people here now

Are just living ghosts

My imprisoned tongue

Torn with my lungs

And the people here

Can’t see their love

There’s ice on the deck

With only seconds left

And the people here have

Only done their best

There’s nothing but calm

No one has come

And the people here now

Can float along


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