• a.p. duvall

The Idle Homicidal Tidal Bridal Title

Take your tidal bridal title and slow

stick it on the dash for the next place I go

the next wind I blow the next summer I snow

light it up -- but really -- I already know

you don't flow don't crow like Ruffio 

don't set the pace or follow

teach and cheat your ticks and fleas

to jump where the scene ain't hollow

and let they mind's be blown, let they lines be grown

the picture's un-shown, flip your trick to the furlough

now onto Sao Paulo

jump up and swallow, swim where it ain't shallow

drown where you can't go, slap it around and fake it slow

wherever you are just flow

your super-villainy - go and give it to me

sleep deep and under tree, dead-eyed and free

psuedo and mescaline, it's a mess to dream

graves of intent and nights of killing thee

what's me, let's see, keep it to the right and drop the screen

hard to believe, lies and psychology,

do you roger me? are you under feet?

trampled underfoot and proper symmetry

moon burns and sunscreen, laser shows and idle dreams

make sure you can count, take it and run about

fake it and shade the sun and shout

give your smiling teeth some clout 

give your armpits some doubt

pour your will to the mill till you breed the drought

enter the ring and face the bout

 -- look out or bleed all out --

don't quit or shit,

lift your chin up and take the hit

it's a perfect fit till the fire is lit

and there's no one else around

who's the pride and who's the proud,

what's the head lion got to say now

about his feeding vow, his bleeding plow, his sacred cow,

his fur bristling the night and his daddy's bag of thermite,

it just ain't right, it's a blight it's a fight

it's a sacrilege and it's in spite,

we in flight, we in tight,

we mold the universe and we weave the fight,

we arrive with no warning and we leave with no invite,

hold tight - hold steady,

no body else has gotten ready

it's your own right, it's out right,

if you're blind then I'm the light,

if you're the mind then I'm the knife, 

I don't know what you're on but tell it to your next wife,

kill the show and cancel the recital,

pick it up and hand over the tidal bridal's title --

I hear you can get a good price for it on Craigslist      



Your favorite Mistake -

O. Delay

(P.S. Pardon the mustard stain.)


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