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There's Jizzum in My Optimism

Dreams die in the morning

Dreams die in the fog

Dreams die in daylight

Dreams die every night

Dreams die in your sheets

Dreams die up on a wall

Dreams die across the street

Dreams die on the screen

Word: everythangandthenothang n.

The feeling one gets when their

knees are weak

and lover’s wet lips

lock onto necks

when the second splits

the desire of two rips

and all will, and resistance

fall like the masks

they truly are.

V. -- 1)

To see the painting’s dream

crystallize the extreme

metaphor for the snakes of

St. Patrick’s lore that acronymized

every word in the surefooted

poet’s unpublished suicide

shopping list -

V. --2)

To breathe Julius Caesar’s last breath

- which is possible if one

knows which way the

looter’s light will throw its rays,

to the Heavens or to

London fog, York,

amongst the graves -


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