• a.p. duvall

Write A Note

Bust a yolk tell a joke scream at folk

burn down the Capitol and start from broke

chew and choke words written but never spoke

equals your contingency to run to a lope

to dive down in the Master's moat

carve a piece of your soul to help you float

back away from the Summer and and freeze the flow

time's a-passin and everything grows

the rust never slows till the black comes forth

like night at the moonless port

or the abandoned fort

the city court

or the dawn broke hospital ward

come sooner or later and you better pay your dues

and eat the food on your plate

initiate and deflate

the plans that burn learn to breathe then resuscitate

and remember that hearts break

and lives can separate like vertebrae

and our fate is cruising down the freeway

in a '68 Ford with them suicide doors

painted flat black

busted tail lights and there ain't a cop in sight

so hammer down and let the beast hunt

cause if there's a will there's a barricade

a terrible sound only the first man could have made

technology underpaid and real life pushed away

inject in the mind and like an idea spread

that and this way bouncing around

like two rats hopped up on crack

stuck in a maze

slow down and glaze

never mind the page

and focus on the day

the wreckage and the waves

the September and the haze

the July and the traffic warrant received during freedom day

call off the reporters cause there ain't no story

just a Greek tragedy before the lights on the grid bust out

give the stars a minute to shine out

and leaving me feeling left out ---

the only thing burning and still on the ground.


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