• a.p. duvall

Your Name is so Small

(spit a wedded wasp and ride a felonious moth)

string your daddy's guitar with spider-made dental floss

get hung up and hung on band cover the cost

feed the electric bill, the water bill, shelter and shots

(and eat your cat's cousin’s car's pipe of exhaust)

why don't you date the living dead

(or some one else i've never met)

why don't you glue three sick giraffes together

(flat cello sugar-bone bleed blacking leather)

why don’t you impregnate a goat and drink spider legs

pay cabbages with waitresses and vomit locust eggs

why don’t you boil a rhinoceros and fellate a poison dart frog

(sneeze audio strobe rain dragonfly and masturbate hook worms)

why don’t you toss an iguana’s salad and fist an electric eel

(deep-fried curried chinchillas and maced peacock to peel)

why don’t you steal a baboon’s prostate and curb stomp a prairie dog

(castrated sea-horse shave a blind zebra in deep fog)

why don’t you emotionally damage a young porpoise

(and never mind bout what’s in store for the old tortoise)

why don’t you carve deep with a tattoo needle on a squid’s beak

(cereal bowl filled with nerves and women bleeding fly wings)

why don't you chew blood and spit a maggot hive

(swallow four matricidal vibrating sheep eyes

and wonder what i did with number five.)


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